Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Freebie

I have another freebie for you today. These presets will only be available for 24 hours so you better act fast. I hope that you all went window shopping yesterday. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments I have gotten so far.

Here are your freebies, lightroom presets.
I love presets, they are so fun & easy to use!
If you are a regular preset user you know that some tweaking may be needed to
get the desired look, these are just the first step to getting the final product.

( links no longer available)

Don't forget I have my grand opening sale going on this weekend & for my blog readers I also have a coupon that takes an additional 20% off. That's a deal!!!
( I know there was an issue with the coupon yesterday but it has been fixed. If you make a purchase this weekend using the coupon I will have a special deal for you in the coming weeks, there is no better time then now to go shopping)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Freebie & I am officially open for business

So, today I am officially open for business. :) YAY!!! My store is located here at the MellowButterfly shop. Here are some of my new products:

I hope that you like them.
( all images are linked to the store)

Here is today`s freebie. Be sure to check back tomorrow, I may just have another surprise or two for you!
( the link is now working, I had deactivated it because someone who had download another freebie had gotten a hold of this before I posted this morning. I am sorry for the broken link this morning)

no longer available

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exciting News & a freebie!

HI Everyone,
I have some exciting news & I can't wait to share with you but first what you all want,
the freebie!! :) I am going to make you do a little bit of work for it though (just an extra click of the mouse, litte)
Faith Sisters is having a designer call & I am applying for it. So, if you go here you can see the details ( dont click it yet, you have to read the rest of my news) & get the link for my freebie. The favour I am asking in return is if you are already a member there ( you do NOT need to join to get my freebie) please would you vote for me! I am not asking you to join there either to cast me a vote, only IF you are already a member to please vote, if you like my designs. This is the mini you will get from me oh, and you'll find out who I am, plus they have a number of other applicants so you may find more then one goodie to download!

Now, for the really exciting news. I am officially joining the MellowButterfly Shop on Friday! *yay*
I have been working hard to get some great goodies together. I will have a sneak peak or two as the week goes on so be sure to come back to check that out. I also have other goodies planned for you as the time draws nearer. I hope you will keep that in mind come Friday.
Ok, that's all I have for now. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments I have received, it means alot to me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I had wanted to get another freebie up before this but things didn't go my way *l*
Here is an alpha called Rusty Dan, it's only the lower case,
we'll see how well it does if I make the upper case.
(please click on image to see it full, the preview doesn't do it justice)

no longer available

( I did a rapidshare link as many complained that 4shared is a virus trap)

Also, for anyone checking out the blog I have a little secret for you. If you go here ( link no longer available) you will find 8, yes 8, freebie quick pages (available only till March 12) for a new kit that just came out today by Michelle Batton! Another secret is, I made one of the quickpages, but Im not telling which one!

My Little Goldfish
(image is linked for you)