Saturday, July 4, 2009

I messed up my freebie!

So after nearly 900 downloads it was brought to my attention ( thanks Chas) I was missing 2 elements out of the zip. I am so sorry for that & feel like a complete idiot! No excuse, I just simply forgot to add them to the folder before zipping it.
To make up for my mistake, I have included a coupon in the zip with the 2 elements. The coupon is good from July 6th to Sept 1st for 30% off anything of mine over $2 at

If you are just coming to the site to grab the freebie down below, the link is fixed & you do not have to download this zip also.

Again, I am extremely sorry for this.

Thanks for your understanding



no longer available


  1. I am trying to save this kit and it is either damaged or invalid when I unzip it so there is nothing to save.

    Can you please advise me at: akatkando2u (at) gmail (dot) com when the link is fixed or just send me the download direct.

    I sure would appreciate it as I would really love to have this kit.

    I am signing in under Google and it don't know if it is going to give me an option to choose an email addy, but either way use the one above putting it together into the correct format.

    Thank you and hugs to you for you lovely work.