Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some HUGE news!!

I am soooo excited to announce that I am now officially a DigiChick!!! *whoo-hoo* I can not tell you how exciting it is. Michelle & I both have moved there. You may or may not have noticed I closed my stores @ faithsisters & Michelle closed down her shop to focus on TDC solely so of course I had to go too!! That really was the only way she was getting rid of me btw! *lol* I have been so blessed to get such a terrific store & from my few days there I can tell you Nicole is a fabulous person to work for & the rest of the ladies there seem awesome also!!
I have 2 new products & 3 oldies.

These are only available at TDC

As for the NDISB collab, I have not heard what is going on with that so the links are gone. When (& if) it ever does go online I will re-post. I am truly sorry for those that have been disappointed by this mix up but unfortunately it is out of my hands.

ps- if you signed up for my newsletter, you got a coupon good for my TDC store in it today!! :) And who knows what other surprises you may find in the next one?!?! *hint hint*

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