Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April Fools Day!!!

First I want to apologize for my neglect! It has been a very rough few weeks for me & I am just starting to feel like my old self. I was home visiting my mom for a week. Her cancer is really beating her up & it was a particularly rough winter for her so I went up to spend some time with her. Anyway, it was draining & I took some time off before & after wards just till I start feeling more like myself. And now I do!!!
I closed my shop at MScraps because my very dear friend Michelle bought FPD!!!
As a grand re-opening we are having a sale this weekend you dont want to miss. Stop by & see who else is selling there & browse the new designs....its uber fashionable! *l*

(click on the image to see it bigger.)

For being such good friend here's a coupon for an addition 10% any order at my FPD shop, good till April 5th. Just use code: 4SBD-NewShop!

Thank You!!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your mom and the rough time you've both had! That is so sad! I hope for the best for you all! I'll say a prayer for her.

    The new store looks great! Congratulations to you for being there!!