Friday, May 14, 2010

Big News!!!

I am home!! I am announcing today that I am exclusive with FPD!

I am so excited & happy to be there that I am having a 30% off sale all weekend but, if you follow me on twitter and/or facebook I will make it totally worth your while this weekend! Not giving away secrets or anything but I might be throwing a few fun things your way, you never know what you'll find...extra savings coupons , free swag?!?! You'll just have to become a stalker to find out what will happen!!

I have loaded lots of stuff into the store today, this is just a sample of things I've "re-released" there plus a few new actions.

New Actions:

(a huge & special thanks goes to Michelle for being sooo awesome.I cant thank you enough)


  1. Great news!! I am following suit on June 1st. :) Congrats!!

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