Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biking & Worn Photo Overlays

Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful week.
I am a day late but I took yesterday off work so I could get all kinds of errands done that I have been putting off for months. That is the only trouble running your own daycare, you can't just take a lunch break to get done a simple errand. I have had things piling up since November & figured I better take the time, especially before the kids finish school.

I have 2 new items in the shop this week. The first is a cute kit called Biking!
Its a great mini kit for celebrating a milestone when your child finally learns to bike without training wheels!

Biking! is only $2.49, that is 38% off till Sunday evening.

I really like the worn photo look on layouts. I created these worn photo overlays & gave them away as a special purchase with my colour overlays a while ago. I separated them now that I am at FPD.

Worn Photo Overlays can be found here
and for a limited time they are 50% off.
A great deal at only $1.25

Thank you for stopping by!

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