Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Store!!!

Hello World!!!
Or, the few people that read the blog! ;)
I have some fabulous news today!! I got excepted as one of the new designers @ NDISB!!
I am so excited to be there with those awesome designers.
I opened shop today so I only have 2 products available there right now but I will be adding stuff over time.

Beach Time is now available @ MB or NDISB
for 20% till Sunday June 14th.
And Boys Urban World is available @ NDISB
for 20% also till June 14th.

My very good friend Michelle is on bed rest until her baby is born. I would be going stir crazy myself sooo for anyone that would love a free kit ( or any other product of mine) , just post a reply here telling Michelle to keep her chin up or hope she feels better, or whatever else you may think of, then email me @ , with a link to your comment & which product you want & I will send you a coupon for it.
How easy is that? Make someone feel loved & get a free goodie for such a simple effort.
Offer runs from today Wenesday June 10th until Sun June 14th.
(please give me 24 hours to responde)

I will keep you updated as new things develop!!




  1. Hi Jane, what a sweet friend you are! I've left some cheering up for Michelle and I've sent you email like you said.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. I haven't visited for some time (sorry about that) but just wanted to say 'I love all your new stuff'. Beautiful things, and I will be back to go shopping! Will also leave some love for Michelle, not worried about a coupon. XXX

  3. Thank you so much for the coupon :)

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  5. Jane, here is what I've made out of your beautiful kit:

    if you can't access that, you can try Hope you like it :)

    Thanks a lot again!